As you enter Tbilisi from the west, the absolutely enthralling capital of Georgia, you will pass a statue of Ruler David the Developer (David Aghamashenebeli) who reigned from 1089 until his demise in 1125. He looks balanced and chivalrous on his steed from his hoisted roost on the motorway, past which the old Soviet style structures offer path to a more pleasant setting.

The statue is a critical image of flourishing and quality as David – who by chance gave his name to Kutsai airplane terminal (authoritatively David Aghmashenebeli Air terminal) – effectively repelled undesirable guests and proclaimed in the Georgian Brilliant Age.

It’s an incredible spot for him to witness the reestablishment of this lovely, serene and comprehensive city as tourism prods in another Brilliant Age throwing a focus on the Tbilisi’s stunning landscape. From any point of view this city is bounteous with landmarks, rich verdant slopes, stunning stream with sheer bluffs and appealing homes characterized by their luxuriously cut wooden overhangs.

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